Sunday, 16 April 2017

Things to Know Before Buying the Perfect Roller Blinds

Singapore is known for its very competitive market and because of that, people always have plenty of choices when it comes to buying certain products. This also applies for roller blinds, a very popular and needed accessory, especially in Singapore. Because of the high urban congestion, people strive for some extra privacy, and roller blinds are the best way to achieve it. They are some adjustable, easy to mount accessories, which will provide privacy, block the bothering light and give a nice design to your home or office. However, there are some things that any of us should know, before purchasing roller blinds. The following article aims to explain the entire process and what are the things that you need to know, in order to choose the best roller blinds for your home or office.

1) Imagine how they would fit into your room 
Like we've mentioned before, roller blinds are some accessories. And like any other home or office accessory, they should be able to fit into the actual design of the room. That's why, it's extremely important to visualize how are they going to look like and if they will complete your room design. For example, if your room has only grey colors, it would be inadvisable to opt for a strong color like deep blue or red. You need something that will blend with the room's colors. If you don't want to take any risks, you can buy some brown roller blinds. They are common but they fit perfectly in almost every room.

2) How do you want to operate them
Besides colors, roller blinds come with different systems and options. Depending on how you want to operate them (manually or automatically), you can choose between spring or chain roller blinds. They both have advantages and disadvantages and it's entirely up to you, which one you choose. For example, with spring operated roller blinds, you can close and open them with a simple press of a button. However, they often tend to break and fixing them might cost you some extra cash. Chain roller blinds can be operated manually, and you can adjust them as much as you like. Still, many people don't want to keep closing and opening them all day, and opt for a spring model.

3) Light blocking 
Let's face it! The most important feature of a roller blind is the light blocking capability. However, not all the models can provide that. A lot of people are complaining that their new roller blinds are not able to hold up the light, not even when they are completely closed. Considering this, you must be extremely cautious before doing the purchase, because you don't want that. There are many materials and colors, some good for blocking the light and some, not very effective. But the best way to check that is by testing the roller blinds by yourself. It's actually very simple. All you need to do is go to a showroom where your favorite roller blinds are exposed and do a simple test. Close the blinds completely and put a small flashlight or any other source of strong light on the other side of the blinds. If you're not able to see the light, then the roller blinds are doing their job. Remember that this is an important purchase and you should test it before.

4) Design 
Besides their utility and operation mode, roller blinds come in a wide variety of designs. The most common model, used in Singapore is the envelope design. They look extremely stylish and whenever they are being pulled down, they create that nice envelope form. If you want to opt for a more uncommon model, you should go with the castellated blinds. They will fit perfectly in your home or your office. They look very imposing and when you close them, the bottom edge will look like a castle's window. You can afford to be selective when it comes to a roller blind design. They will fit well in every type of room and they won't obliterate the current design of your room.

5) Shape
This is another important aspect and you should make your choice, depending where you want to place the roller blinds and on the size of your windows. For example, if you need new blinds for some really large windows, you should opt for some vertical blinds. They will cover the whole window and won't leave any empty spaces. More than that, they will be simpler to operate and won't bother you when you try to open the window. If you cannot find a proper size to fit your current window, you have to know that there are many companies, which will deliver you customized products. Don't do any compromise and buy a different sized blind, just because you didn't find a perfect one. Take your window's measurements and go with them to a specialized provider. They will deliver you the right roller blind and some of them, will even install it for free.

6) Safety
Even though they're extremely helpful, cord operated roller blinds can prove pretty dangerous, especially when you're installing one in a child's room. Some unexpected situations may happen all the time, so it's for the best to prevent them from start. Singapore has some very clear laws, regarding children's safety, but you should take some extra cautions. The best prevention method is to opt for some cordless roller blinds. They can be operated with the press of a button or even with a remote control. This way, you won't risk anything and your child will be kept away from the temptation of playing with the cords and cause an accident.


As you can see, you have to consider a lot of things before choosing the perfect roller blinds for your home or for your office. Still, the decision is entirely yours and you need to pick the perfect model, based on your own needs and preferences. Think this thoroughly, ask for reviews and test every element, because this is an important product, that you're going to use many years from now.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Why Roller Blinds Are The Right Choice For Your Home

Windows have existed for as long as humans have lived in dwellings; functional holes to allow light and air to flow into the rooms in which they lived.

Despite the existence of the windows themselves, however, it took much longer for window coverings to come into play. In fact, it wasn’t until the early 1700s that shades truly came into play.

Scotch Holland Roller blinds, named both for the country in which they were produced (Scotland) and the country in which they were invented (the Netherlands), were the first recorded window shades ever to gain mass popularity across the globe. Used frequently across Holland, France, and England, the stiff painted linen shades began appearing in homes everywhere in Europe, and by 1780 they were also becoming extremely common in the United States, Asia, and around the world.

The rolled blinds were often painted with intricate landscapes, serving as art that could be seen by inhabitants of both the interior and exterior of the house. Towards the second half of the century, however, the decorative style changed, and the shades evolved to be painted with delicate, intricate frames, often featuring an artful medallion or dainty floral image in the center. Slowly it became more common for shades to be created with stencils or tracing than hand painted, and the line work and designs became more uniform and more perfect.

The next big change in roller-blind history would come as the middle of the nineteenth century approached, and the spring roller made a huge impact on the design of the original string-loop-and-hook installations. Spring loaded rollers would eventually become mass produced in factories, and by 1872 they had been patented by the Hartshorn Company in New York.

Unfortunately, as the end of the nineteenth century loomed ever closer, the Victorian interior decoration style largely ended the use of roller blinds in homes and other buildings. At the time, heavy curtains made of rich fabrics became more popular, and only a few roller blinds survived as solutions for window covering.

It was a short-lived period of disfavor, however; by the time the 20th century was getting into full swing, roller blinds would find their places once again in most homes. Now lighter and more flexible, solid colors were typically favored above the more intricate designs of the past, and spring loaded roller blinds were in vogue once again.

So, how do modern roller blinds work? 

Roller blinds are usually made of single, continuous pieces of stiff fabric wound around a hollow tube. Typically, a ratchet and spring live inside the tube to facilitate operation using a “pull” at the bottom of the curtain, however, some roller blinds are manually adjustable and feature side winders that allow the user to “lock” the blind at their desired height. Today, many roller blinds are actually operated electronically with a remote control, especially for those larger blinds that are used to cover picture window and French or sliding glass doors. Motorized roller blinds are becoming more and more common as the desire for light and heat customization without the use of expensive HVAC systems becomes paramount

Most roller blinds will have the fabric roll behind the tube, letting it sit closer to the window itself and eliminating the kind of “gap” that might let light in. That being said, this isn’t always the case; cheaply made blinds will sometimes be rolled towards the interior of the room. This feature is an easy way to check the quality of roller blinds before purchasing them.

Roller blinds are an extremely versatile type of window covering. It’s possible to buy “blackout” roller blinds that use thick, opaque fabric to totally obscure any light coming through the window, or translucent roller blinds that let in a significant amount of light, but are favored for the privacy they offer. While the thicker types of roller blinds are also excellent for insulation, sheerer blinds will do little to keep heat in or out of your home.

Why Choose Roller Blinds? 

Rollers are some of the most versatile window coverings, and can be implemented to complement a wide variety of interiors. If you’re interested in a sleek, contemporary window covering, roller blinds tend to be the obvious choice.

For those who live in a warm climate, the ease of adjustment found with roller blinds can be a huge draw. Because moving the blinds up and down throughout the day is no problem, it’s a cinch to block out heat and light during the day and allow sunlight to stream through in the mornings and evenings. Because the blinds are lockable at any height, you can truly customize the amount of light and heat you’re allowing into the room. Even easier than manual roller blinds are motorized ones, allowing you to control the temperature in your home or office at the touch of a button.

Speaking of customization, roller blinds are also well suited to unusual window sizes, and are available in wide, narrow, short, or floor to ceiling formats. No matter what types of windows you have in your home, you won’t have a hard time finding roller blinds to fit them.

Because roller blinds can be made with such a wide range of fabrics, they can be used to either quietly complement your existing interior design or create a pop of color or standout piece in the room.

Today, “slatted” roller blinds have become a popular choice, in which stripes of sheer and opaque fabric alternate along the roll in a double-paneled format. When sheer sections on one side are aligned with sheer sections on the other, the opaque sections cover half the window while the sheer sections cover the other, letting in “half” light. When the sheer sections are aligned with the opaque ones, the curtains turn into totally opaque blackout roller blinds. The blinds can also be rolled all the way up, allowing 100% of the available to stream in.

Another solution for adding more flexibility to your roller blinds is adding dual blinds, which allow you to hang both an opaque blind against the window and a sheer blind a little further in towards the room. Dual blinds truly maximize your ability to customize the light flow in the room.

Roller blinds are also a good choice for those who suffer from allergies, as they don’t easily trap dirt or dust. Because they’re often coated and are able to be rolled down into a flat panel, they’re also very easy to clean. Unlike heavy curtain blinds that trap tons of allergens in their fold and require frequent dry cleaning, roller blinds are extremely low maintenance.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Top 10 Benefits of Using Roller Blinds In Your House

It is amazing how Singapore population has embraced roller blinds. As a matter of fact, they are the most chosen type of indoor window covering today. The incredible finishing and the beautiful touch that this product gives a home has been the reason its popularity still keep on rising day by day. These blinds combine value, function and a great sense of style that leaves you homes looking great. Apart from these facts, there are many other reasons why people are ordering these products recently than ever before. Here are some of the roller blinds benefits that are keeping their demand rising every day and why you should have them too:

• Aesthetically pleasing
If you are to finish your home in style, then aesthetic is a feature that you must put more emphasis on. But with our roller blinds, this will never be a problem anymore. Wherever these blinds are mounted, they offer clean and flush simple lines like you have never experienced. They will enhance the aesthetic beauty of your house like never before. They will give your home a stylish and trendy look that is exceptional and unique. Traditional window covering such as curtain are known for excessive fabric that lowers interior aesthetics, and the solution is these blinds. Also, their simplicity enables them to fit tightly to the window, unlike traditional covering.

• Flexibility
These are some of the most flexible blinds that you can find on the market. You can easily match them with any other design in the house. The product is supplied in different fabrics for you to select from. You can also use them singly or opt to match them with other coverings such as a curtain. For instance, if you are interested in screening sunlight or the UV rays, but you want a thin fabric, then you can go for a sunscreen fabric. Similarly, you can opt for a dark fabric if your interest is to have total darkness. Such benefits in flexibility cannot be found in traditional covering.

• Ease of operation
If you are looking for blinds that are user-friendly, then roller blinds are what you need. They are incredibly easy to operate. They are supplied with features and options that make their operation hassle free. For example, as a homeowner you can opt to go for the spring assisted blind, the motorized one or the chain drive operated blinds. All these choices are user-friendly. Once the blind has been mounted, it can be operated even by kids.

• Versatility
Roller blinds are some of the most versatile blinds in the market. They are designed with a very high ability to adapt to different functions or activities. You just need to match them right to make your house look incredibly beautiful. The product comes in a variety of materials, designs, texture and styles. As a customer, you have an extremely versatile choice to select one that suits your needs and specifications. These blinds can also be given a contemporary or a modern look as the customer may specify.

• Can be customized
How about if you want the blinds to look in a certain way or have certain features? What if you want some specific image or vinyl on it? Roller blinds can be customized to meet your specifications. The producer can take details of what you want and come up with a unique or customized product for the client. You can bring you images or specific design or names that you would like to appear in the blinds. The producer will easily put them into work and have the exact product that you are looking for.

• Incredible durable
When selecting a window covering, durability is a key factor that customers emphasize on. Traditional covering such curtain and other blinds cannot compare to roller blinds when it comes to durability. These rollers are fantastically durable. The rollers are constructed of steel tubes that can last for a very long time when used correctly. The fabric is also manufactured to be UV resistant. The blinds are treated with a UV resistant formula that protects them from fading in the sun.

• Privacy
If you are in search of a window covering that will provide you with privacy, then roller blinds are your solution. Windows are the main areas where outsiders can peep through into your house. These blinds come in different fabrics that can help in enhancing the privacy of your home. Darker or heavy materials are incredibly useful for windows where privacy is required. They make it impossible for the outsiders to see through the house. In some cases, the producer can provide you with translucent fabrics for the blinds. This will keep away inquisitive people from peeping.

• Can be used as insulator
Insulation is another benefit that has popularized this product. Roller blinds can be applied various ways as insulators. In most cases, they are the best insulators for direct sunlight into the room. We know very well that direct sun lights may have harmful and cancerous UV rays. You can opt to go for fabric that contains UV inhibitors. These blinds may also insulate or control changes in temperature in a room. For those operating in offices with high solar performance, a good polyester fabric would be perfect to protect computers.

• Low maintenance
The maintenance cost is absolutely zero, and this has attracted many buyers to this product. Once you have installed them, you will enjoy their services for a very long without any maintenance. They are not known for getting faulty often. As a matter of fact, the spring assisted, and the chain driven blinds are known to operate for a long time with faulting. Low maintenance benefit is particularly enjoyed if you do not use the motorized blinders.

• Enhanced appearance
Roller blinds greatly enhance the general appearance of the room. You will be amazed by the new look the room after replacing the traditional window covering with these blinds. The room changes into something new. Some of the notable changes include improved quality of natural light, improved visibility, and the room appears to look bigger. You can easily modify the blinds design to match the style of the room.

These are just some of the main benefits of using roller blinds. These are blinds that will not only enhance your house appearance but also give value for your money.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Fast and Effective Tips For Cleaning Roller Blinds

Whether you live in a current apartment or you reside in an old building, roller blinds may be an ideal option for your window covering. These shades are lightweight and they offer you maximum privacy. When rolled up properly, they also do not provide any visual obstruction. If they are extended completely, they are effective in blocking light than the mini-blinds, thereby making them suitable for large houses. Buying these items is not adequate but installing them effectively is what you need to do. This article will highlight on a few steps that you should follow to install these blinds in the best possible way.

The first step that you should follow is to determine the exact surface where you wish to install them properly. Various screws that are available with these blinds are meant for wooden surfaces. Make sure that you should use screws that are made from the metal sheet if you want to install these items on a metal surface or you can use wall anchors whenever you wish to set up blinds on plaster or even on wallboard.

In Utah, blind cleaning service and blind repair service is gaining popularity amongst the house owners. For better installation solution also it is advisable that you can seek the valuable suggestions from these professionals. To install these items, all you have to do is to extend these items fully as well as keep it inside the window by all possible means. You have ensured that not a single part of this item touches the top portion of the window frame or with any other thing that would otherwise obstruct this type of item while lowering or mounting. Once you have determined the exact location, your next step is to draw one line on a particular side below which bracket may be placed.
You should also calculate as well as mark another side in the best possible way. Check if the pencil marks on both the sides should be at equal level.

You should keep a bracket-curved side towards a front-on side of the window frame, thereby aligning it with a pencil line. You should slide bracket till front side of the bracket is nearly one-eighth to half an inch from front side of a window frame. You should use a pencil to mark out dots for the location for screws. You should keep on marking holes on another side of the window frame. You have to ensure that all holes are at the same level. It is vital that you should create holes on each of pencil dots. In fact, the size of the hole depends on whether metal screws, hollow screws or wooden screws should be used. If you use hollow screw, then it requires large hole and it is to be hammered inside window frame effectively.

Whether you want window blinds cleaning and installation or any other relevant services, it is vital that you should consult the experts at any point in time. You should hold the bracket on the window frame as well as insert screw through the hole. You should them make it tight. Make sure that you should insert as well as tighten screws on all sides of the window. Your next step is to put the blind in the bracket as well as slide round pin of roller inside the bracket. To avoid an accident, you should secure cord with the help of clamp or even cloth pin. Plus you should tie cord itself, thereby keeping it out of reach of your pets or your kids.

Tips For Cleaning Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are efficient window shades that are often used by the house owners to block harmful sun rays and they are also used to improve the look and appearance of your house as a whole. However, it is advisable that you should prevent large accumulation of dust, dirt or other toxic materials and that you should also adopt the proper techniques to clean them as quickly as possible. Here are a few important tips that are recommended by the experts to clean these items in the best possible way.

If you find out that the roller blinds of your window are dirty, it is advisable that you should use a vacuum cleaning device to remove dust from the surface. The first step is to remove these items from the roller and then to keep them on the flat surface in the best possible way. You should then attach a thin brush on the vacuum cleaning device and you should try to remove dirt, dead bugs, grease and other toxic materials. You should then fill a huge tub with water and you should also add the detergent powder in it and you should then blend it well with water in the best possible way. If you use white colored blinds, it is advisable that you should add a little amount of bleach to the mixture to get the best possible results.

You should then keep these items in the tub and you should also allow them to get soaked in the mixture for two or three hours. You should first wash them in the backward direction and then you should wash them in the forward direction along with a thin sponge. If you find deep stains on them, it is advisable that you should scrub them along with a soft toothbrush. The subsequent step is to throw away the dirty water from the tub and you should fill up the tub with clean water. You should clean these items properly and you should repeat the process for at least two or three times for better results. You should keep these items in the courtyard for at least three or four hours and you should allow them to become dried up in the best possible way.

If you are not confident about your knowledge of blind cleaning procedure, it is vital that you should take the help of a proficient blind cleaning service provider. However, it is important that you should fix an appointment with the representative of your favorite blind cleaning service provider and you should try to gather necessary information such as the details of the services that he offers for the customers, the total years of job experience, the details of fee structure and so on. You should also ask this type of provider to give you the details of loyal customers who can assure you of the expertise of the particular cleaning service provider. If you do not feel convinced of the skills of the prospective blind cleaning provider, it is advisable that you must try out the next option as quickly as possible.

Monday, 21 November 2016

6 Tips On How To Keep Roller Blinds Clean

Roller blinds conceal what happens behind closed doors. It not only does that but also adds some beauty especially if it blends with the décor of your interior apartment. Roller blinds tend to age over time especially if not well looked after. However, with regular maintenance, it will absolutely retain its original form without wearing out. Blinds vary in terms of material made from it which is very important that you get to read the manufacturer’s manual at the time of purchase. They will recommend to you how best to clean it so that it doesn’t have to lose its sparkly touch on the house.

Getting the right roller blinds is one thing and cleaning them is another. It all lies on you to choose the best blinds company that will provide you with the right ones to suit your windows. The best country that can do just that for you is Singapore since they are the best when it comes to making roller blinds. For a long time, they have been acclaimed for producing blinds that are of quality and very long lasting; with proper cleaning of course. Theirs are also not as pricy as most would think since they have so much consideration for their esteemed clients.

Once all the proper documentation and installation is done with; regular cleaning is bound to start since cleanliness is next to Godliness. Below are 6 ways on how to maintain your roller blinds;

This is a sure way of doing away with unnecessary stains that make your blinds appear dull. With their bleaching properties, be sure of remarkable results. This way, your blinds will appear new again and light up your room. Since there are different types of blind, the type of bleach to be used should be put in consideration so as not to damage the material. Those with bright colors should be cleaned with bleaches that will not alter its original form whatsoever. This method of cleaning is always preferred to scrubbing it with hard bristled brushes since it will clearly leave some damages like weakening of the fabric from which the blinds are made.

Vacuum cleaning
Another enemy to roller blinds- dust. Over some time, dust piles up on the blinds which contribute to it being dirty and if neglected, will be the main contributing factor of them losing their value. To avert such, vacuum cleaning is considered the best option and leaving your window dust-free. Vacuuming your blinds will keep them spotlessly clean all through the season giving you no need of having to buy new ones due to negligence. Before cleaning them if that is necessary, dusting should be done prior to that so as to prove much easier while cleaning.

Wiping with a damp cloth
This could also be another way of maintaining your roller blinds. To get rid of dust in them, a cloth dipped in some water will do that very well. Continuous dusting will prevent the dust from building up and forming a dust stain that will prove hard to omit in the future. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine. Prevention is the best measure to take and in so doing, will not go through the trouble of having to purchase hard abrasives to remedy the situation.

Cleaning with warm water
For those not best suited for cleaning in water, spot cleaning is considered the best. Cleaning in warm water will bring out that perfect look. However, strong detergents do not go hand in hand with the roller blinds since they are harsh to them and will destroy them; soft ones will definitely do the job for you.

Rolling power
Every blind comes with its own rails to facilitate folding and unfolding so as to let light in. This means that proper method is to be considered while doing that lest it damages and becomes unworthy. There are different types of rails; manual ones or electric driven ones. For the manually opened ones, it should be noted that both hands should be used so as not to damage them and if electric powered; in case of a blackout, care should be taken so as not to short live its purpose in the house.

Look out for any unnecessary object
These are the ones that will render your roller blinds ineffective. This explains why the area around the blinds should be tactfully surveyed to rid any object that might interfere with your window covers. This helps a lot since it will promote the durability of your blinds since they will stay longer than expected.

Hiring a professional
If time seems not to be on your side, it never hurts to find a professional to do all that for you. In fact, they know what’s best for your blinds since they have gone through the requisite trainings so as to be accustomed to this kind of services. Would you rather leave your home cleaning unattended to or look for someone who will help you in that sector? It’s up to you. But keep in mind that deserting your roller blinds and leaving them to collect a lot of dirt is not pleasing at all.

In conclusion

With the above tips, clean and bright blinds will reform your house and make it look as lovely as possible. The state of your house sells your behaviour and definitely a clean house portrays one as hardworking and strategized. This is really nice. It is not that hard to set up a cleaning schedule to keep your house on check. With the instructions included in your manual, the cleaning process will prove to be much easier. Another way of cleaning the blinds is soaking them in soapy water for some time until the stains disintegrate leaving it stainless. From there, the blind can then be washed using the appropriate method and taken back to shield your house from direct sunlight or harsh weather conditions like rain or even cold. So long as you have the right blinds for your house, it wouldn’t be so tiring to maintain them and keep them in a good condition. What will determine the method of cleaning roller blinds are; quality, material, color and the type of company you bought it from?

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Venetian Blinds VS Wood Blinds

When it comes to window treatments for your home or office, you’ve got a number of options to choose from. You can either hang curtains, install shutters or blinds. These treatments allow light to enter your office or home naturally, improve air quality by increasing circulation, provide privacy, and enhance a room’s décor. 

Now even though all the above-listed window treatments are highly effective, window blinds are arguably the best choice. This is because window blinds give you a built-in solution- one that offers you privacy and much more options compared to curtains or shutters. Most home and office owners in Singapore actually prefer installing window blinds to other types of window treatments.

In this article, we are going to compare two of the most popular window blinds in Singapore; the Venetian Blinds and the Wood Blinds. We will look into their advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision when buying. 

Venetian Blinds vs Wood Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are window blinds characterized by horizontal slats, usually made from PVC, aluminum, and wood. The slats can be easily controlled or rather moved into various positions to allow the perfect amount light and air to pass through into a room. You have to use a lift cord to elevate the blinds up and down, and to hold them in a particular position. 

Venetian blinds are arguably some of the most popular window blinds, mostly due to their elegance, design and style simplicity and flexibility, and versatility. They are actually flexible enough to suit each room’s taste and style. They are also easy to install and clean, and allow just the right amount of light into a room.

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Venetian blinds.

• Design and Style Flexibility: Venetian blinds can literally fit into any room of the house or office. This is because they are simple, modern looking, and come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. They just fit perfectly into any room’s décor. Depending on your style and taste, you have the option to choose vertical, mini, Roman, and even cordless blinds. 

• Maximum Light Control: Venetian blinds give you complete control over the amount of light you let into a room or office. You can position the slats to allow light or reduce it. You can also close them to shut out the light when you want to sleep.

• A variety of Materials: Venetian blinds come in a wide variety of materials, allowing you to choose the most appropriate depending on your taste and home style. You can choose from wood, PVC, aluminum, or bamboo materials. 

• Complete Privacy: Venetian blinds provide a higher level of privacy compared to other window treatment options. The good thing about their excellent privacy is that they have the top-down option shades. With these shades, you can lower slats from the top, allowing natural light to pass through while still providing maximum privacy. 

• Easy to Clean: Venetian window blinds are extremely easy to clean. This is because the slats are completely flat and can therefore be dusted and washed within the shortest time. 

• Ease of Installation: Another advantage of Venetian blinds is that they are extremely easy to install. They do not require to pins, hooks, or special equipment to install over your windows.

• Safe and Easy to Use: Venetian blinds are safe to use, even for children. They do not pose any risk. They are also secure and protective as small kids or pets cannot fall over the windows as the slats only allow light to pass through. They are also easy to open- even small children can open and close them.

• Affordable: Unlike some window treatments such as wooden blinds, Venetian blinds are extremely affordable. You won’t have to break a bank to have them installed in your home or office.

• Low Maintenance and Durability: You don’t have to schedule a cleaning day for your Venetian blinds. A few minutes of wiping will keep them looking their best always. Furthermore, they are very durable as the materials used are of the highest quality. This means no regular repairs or replacements are needed.

• Expensive: Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of Venetian blinds is that they are very expensive compared to other types of window treatments. All the same, you can shop around for retailers who offer discounts on bulk purchases (if you’re buying the blinds for the whole house or an entire office building)

• Wooden Venetian Blinds are Heavy: The wooden Venetian blinds are a bit heavy and can put a lot of pressure on large window sizes. 

• Constant Cleaning: Even though these blinds are extremely easy to clean, you’ll also be required to clean them on a regular basis since they tend to soil easily. 

• The lightweight versions tend to break easily if not handled with care. 

Wood Blinds

Wood window blinds are basically window coverings made from various types of wood cut into slats. These wooden slats can either be vertical or horizontal. The different types of wood used include Oak, American Basswood, Pine, Cherry, Poplar, and Maple. The blinds also come with various types of wooden cords. 

Wood blinds are available in a variety of shades and styles. The good thing about these blinds is that they give a room a traditional style and bring in a feeling of nature. Also, wooden blinds can easily fit into both the traditional and contemporary room styles. They are also very effective in managing the natural light entering a room. Also, they provide a high level of privacy.

Wood blinds are actually more popular in Singapore because they look more inbuilt within wooden structures compared to other types of blinds. 

One of the major differences between Venetian blinds and wooden blinds is the cost. Wood blinds are much more expensive to install as compared to Venetian blinds. They are also heavier.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Wooden Blinds.

• Wood blinds impart an elegant and warm look to the interior of a room or office. This is exactly why many homeowners in Singapore prefer them over others.

• Wood blinds are versatile and can therefore be used in houses featuring different styles- from modern to rustic styles. 

• Wood blinds come in a variety of types based on the type of wood used to make them. This gives homeowners an array of options to choose from.

• Wood blinds are available in a variety of stains, colours, and patterns. Most wood blinds have distinct grains, patterns, colours, and stains from actual wood pieces. This unique appearance is what makes wood blinds extremely appealing to many home and office building owners.

• Wood blinds are able to control sunlight and are also able to withstand extreme temperatures.

• Compared to some window treatments, wood blinds offer a high level of privacy. 

• Wood blinds are highly durable and long-lasting since wood used to construct the slats are from the highest quality indigenous trees. 

• Wood blinds are easy to clean- just a little dusting is enough

• Perhaps the biggest disadvantages of wood blinds is that they are very expensive compared to other types of window treatments.

• Wood blinds are heavy, which makes installation and use a bit more complicated

• Wood cannot be used in places that have poor ventilation or high humidity as they rot easily.

• Wood blinds require regular cleaning as they tend to attract a lot of dust

There you have it; the comparison of the Venetian blinds and Wood blinds. Now that you’re well informed about the difference between the two, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision during your purchase. Just visit a reputable store in Singapore and buy your preferred blind choice.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

5 Things To Consider When Replacing Your Blinds

Blinds are great for adding privacy into the home and blocking daytime glare. Therefore, they have become a necessary addition in homes. However, if your blinds are no more in their perfect shape, then it means that you need to look for new ones.

If you desire to replace your window blinds and shades, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. As you assess each room in your house, you will have to ask yourself some fundamental questions to assist you in coming up with the look that you want to attain. Once you've decided on the general appearance, review the different window treatments that you'll incorporate.

Deciding the Look of the Room

Most people want their home rooms to be well lit, while others opt for a softer glow. At times low light is necessary if you have huge TV's or other electronic devices that get washed out by heavy light sources. The window coverings that you choose will determine the amount of light that will penetrate the room from outside.

Another factor that you should look at is the level of technology you desire in the room. Many people go for the "plain and simple" approach by using manually operated blinds, while others search for remote control or automated window blinds and treatments. The chief idea to remember is that a more complicated setup of the blinds will cost you more money.

Types and Materials Used For Window Blinds

Wood - This is a good option, which you can purchase in different slat sizes ranging from 1/2" to 2". Most wood blinds are manufactured with the use of lightweight woods that are known for reducing stress on the mounting system.

Aluminum - This is the most common material used in window coverings today, particularly in a mini blind format. They are popular in workplaces, and even in large living areas. You can choose from the variety of colors available, though whites and other neutrals are quite standard.

Vertical - If you want an attractive covering for your sliding glass doors, this is a great option since you can draw them open or closed, from one side to another or anywhere in between. Vertical blinds are durable, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Faux Wood - These highly durable blinds are made from various man-made materials and are very easy to maintain. Faux wood is typically used in horizontal blinds or shutters. If you have large windows, it's best to use two sets to redistribute the weight.

Buying Window Blinds and Shades

Your budget will be the most important factor in your window shade selection. You can always stay within your budget by breaking the project down into smaller bits, spreading out the cost of the entire project over a longer period of time. You can also consider using cheaper materials or products to achieve the same look. The typical setback of cheaper shutters is that they may wear quicker, which will result in spending more money on early replacement.

If you are unable to decide whether it is time to change your blinds or not, check a list of signs that will make the decision easier for you.

1. When you Renovate your Home
Apart from privacy and light blockage, blinds are also used as decorations for the home. So, if you are renovating your home and want to make it look appealing, you should change your old blinds with new ones. If the entire home has been upgraded, but you leave the old blinds on your windows, then your interior space will look untidy. In order to add finesse to it, you should definitely buy new blinds.

2. When your Pets Damage the Blinds
If you have cats or dogs, then you might be aware that these pets are fond of climbing blinds or peeking through them. This mostly happens with wooden blinds. So, if you have pets and they have damaged your blinds or scratched them, then it is time to get new ones.

3. When you are selling your Home
When you are preparing to sell your home, it is best to install new blinds to increase your home's value. Because blinds add privacy, protect the interior from sunlight, and decorate the home, they are considered a valuable addition. When you replace your old blinds with new ones, you will be able to attract more buyers. Blinds also add instant appeal to any space and create an illusion that the windows are larger.

4. When you are moving onto a New Home
If you have moved into a new home and are in the process of decorating it, then you should consider replacing the old window blinds and purchase new ones. New blinds will make your interior space more appealing and will add extra oomph to your newly decorated home. Furthermore, these blinds will help add privacy to your home.

5. When they have been there for a while
Blinds often get worn out with time and no matter how high quality blinds you bought, there will be a time when they will become messy and damaged. Therefore, if your blinds have been on the windows for a long time and showing signs of aging, then know that it is time to replace them with new ones.

6. When they begin to look untidy
No matter how many times you clean your blinds, they will begin to develop stains. So, if your blinds look untidy or unclean, then know that it is time to get new ones. Sometimes cleaning products also stain blinds, which makes them look unappealing. So, if your blinds are no longer getting cleaned, hit the market and buy new ones to decorate your windows.

If you have medium to large sized windows, having them would be very helpful since you get to control the amount of light that goes through your windows. They can help you save on electricity, too, as they function as light filterers. Aside from this, they keep your living areas well-ventilated and the room temperature even, thus, it doesn't get too hot or too cold depending on the season.

Since they are also decorative room furnishings, having shades will help preserve the look, texture and material of your other furniture. To be exposed to too much sunlight is a guarantee for shorter lifespan of your room furnishings.

Blinds are available in a variety of materials, colors, and designs. Costs are also relative depending on the window treatment style you choose. To ensure they last longer despite repeated use, follow maintenance guidelines as specified by the manufacturers. Cleaning or regular dusting of your blinds is a common tip that manufacturers say will increase durability and lifespan of the product. Regular vacuuming is another way to clean them. However, make certain that you use the proper cleaning materials if you choose to manually clean the blinds instead of using mechanical options. You don't want to leave stains or smells on your shades made of fabric.

While cleaning, check all blinds slats to make sure all pieces are still secured tightly with strings. This will ensure that the slats rotate properly and light penetration is properly controlled. Untwist all coiled cords so that blinds can be raised and lowered evenly. Look for damaged blind clips and replace old slats that need to be changed. This will help in the smooth operation of your blinds.