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6 Myths On Window Blinds And Shades

 6 Myths On Window Blinds And Shades

In Singapore, weather may be fairly harsh! Humid and hot throughout the day, therefore, Singapore is looking for ways and means to cool down the households. Alongside getting air conditional units, window blinds and shades are also sought after. However, whether to acquire ready-made blinds or shades is always a debatable issue.

There are many styles, materials and sizes of blinds like roller blinds, which are easy to cut into the desired size. However, other designs such as roman or timber blinds will be hard to cut in to shape. Therefore, measured blinds in these designs would be easier than you attempting to cut after you buy a ready-made blind.

Tailored made window blinds and shades have the advantage in getting your shade prepared to your perfect width and length. Many Singaporeans prefer getting their floor length shades drop to about 1.5 inch short from their floors in order to have better decoration views. In spite of any way you have liked, tailored made window shades would be an ideal option for you as contrasted to ready-made shades.

Being a very beautiful and big city, Singapore is relatively impressive with several things to enjoy within the city. Finding window blinds and shades in this magnificent metropolitan is not that difficult. There are different companies that sell them and you can get them at very economical prices. However, there are numerous myths concerning blinds in Singapore. These myths and misconceptions have deterred a lot of people from obtaining window blinds and shades. Definitely, the myths are false although most Singaporeans already believe them. Some of them include:

1. They are very costly
Overhangs and window blinds are believed to be so expensive. This has caused the belief that the rich are the only ones who are capable of affording quality window blinds and shades. This is totally untrue and false. Blinds and shades are very inexpensive and affordable. Any person with a decent source of income can easily purchase them. Even though the quality of the shades purchased depends on the cost, you can discover that they are very cheap in some stores as compared to others.

2. Do not add worth
The other myth is that blinds and shades do not attach any value to buildings or homes. This myth makes shades seem like merely a misuse of resources. Obviously, this is not true. Window blinds and shades add much value to your building and home. The foremost thing they add is the home’s beauty. A building with blinds will constantly look pretty and very beautiful. Furthermore, they are very value because they help in providing shades and manage the amount of sun-rays entering into your home.

3. All ready-made shades and blinds are low quality
High quality, ready-made Window blinds and shades are readily available in the various shade and blind stores that are evenly distributed within Singapore. This implies that this myth is totally untrue. These blinds and shades are presented in different prices depending on various aspects like quality of material, size and style, to mention but a few.

4. They are not environmental friendly
Nowadays, people want to make use of products that are Eco-friendly. There is a misconception that all the window blinds and shades in Singapore City are not environmental friendly. In fact, this is an extremely huge myth because they as very Eco-friendly. When you utilize them, they can assist you in regulating temperatures and sunlight. This is good because you do not have to exploit air conditioners and several other things like thermostats. This is an excellent way of environmental conservation because you exploit less fuel and electricity if you are making use of a generator.

5. They have restricted uses
In Singapore individuals will say to you that window blinds and shades have a single use which is offering shade only. This might not be far away from the reality. An office or a home with shades and blinds is completely diverse from one without. The shades and blinds add a tranquil feel to your household and they also make your home more attractive. In addition, they can be used for dust trapping and making your home air much safer and cleaner.

6. There are only few differences in the design of window blinds and shades
This myth is extremely misleading. It gives Singaporeans the perception that there are just a few window blinds and shades designs. The distinctions in the designs, types and even fabrics of shades and blinds are relatively large. There are so many blind variations that may be found in the city of Singapore, which will fit all the different preferences you might have.

Monday, 27 May 2013

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages of Wooden Blinds?

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages of Wooden Blinds?

Wooden blinds are available in various shades and styles. They are able to bring a unique ambiance and a certain charm to any room. But you need to know their advantage and disadvantage in case you plan to buy window treatments. This will help you to avail of the best options that suit your taste and needs. Wooden blinds provide the feeling of bringing in nature into the home while being able to protect from the elements. The natural look of wooden blinds will easily add character to any room setting. They can fit easily into both contemporary as well as traditional room styles. They are effectively able to manage the natural light diffused into your home. On the other hand, they are able to maintain proper privacy too.

The advantages of using wooden blinds are detailed below.

1. They are able to withstand extreme temperatures and sunlight well
2. You may apply natural stains in order to emphasize the natural grains and to maintain that perfect look
3. There is high versatility available in terms of the type of wood and slat size
4. The highest level of privacy is available with wooden blinds
5. They bring both ambience as well as unique charm to your room
6. Typically these are of high quality
7. It is relatively easier to clean these blinds as their slats are quite substantial than those made of other materials
8. These are durable and last long in they are installed correctly and maintained well
9. The wooden blinds look attractive. Hence they are able to match with any room decor.
10. These blinds are able to protect against the heat in summers and against the cold in winters.
11. Just a little bit of dusting is good enough to clean these blinds. There is no need to scrub these with soap and water.
12. In case you do not want the natural wood finish, you can get the wooden blinds painted in any color that you want.

There are some disadvantages too of wooden blinds. These are detailed below.

1. The wooden blinds have always been more expensive than any other blinds.
2. These are heavy blinds. This means that installing or operating them will not be that easy.
3. Even though these blinds are much easier to clean, but they need to be cleaned quite often than any other kinds of blinds. This is because the wooden blinds attract dust more
4. You must treat these blinds with various protective products like the wood oil occasionally in order to maintain them well.
5. These blinds cannot be used in all places. This is because wood naturally releases as well as absorbs water. Thus these blinds cannot be used in places that have poor ventilation, or places having high humidity such as the bathrooms or kitchen. The wood has a tendency towards warping.
6. These wooden blinds provide limited storm protection. While the exterior wooden blinds are usually fixed, even the functional types are available today. They are able to provide some amount of protection against storms, but far lesser than what is provided by other materials.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Pros & Cons On Installing Roller Blinds in Your Bedroom


Pros & Cons On Installing Roller Blinds in Your Bedroom

A s a Singaporean deciding to decorate your bedroom by installing bedroom blinds is a great idea. Of course you will achieve the modern and stylish look of your bedroom that you are looking for. Roller blinds are modern treatments that you can apply on your beautiful bedroom window. Having your bedroom beautifully designed and maintained is necessary as it will give you great satisfaction while sleeping. It will be more comfortable for you while staying in a room that is well customized to meet your specific requirement. Like any other treatments that you may give to your house bedroom blinds have pros and cons associated with them. Here are some pros and cons that you will encounter as a Singaporean after installing the roller blinds on your bedroom window.

Pros of installing them on your bedroom window

1.Easy control of light entering the bedroom

You can easily achieve in controlling excess light entering your bedroom using them. Too much light into your bedroom may make you feel uncomfortable as you may feel your privacy is at a risk or the high light intensity may disrupt your sleep. With these rollers installed on your window light controlling is very easy.

2. Easy installation and use

You can easily install the rollers to your bedroom window with much ease. You only need to take the correct measurements of your window and order the rollers of that size. After ordering from the various stores in Singapore the right size for your window will be delivered to your place where you can install them easily using the local technicians or yourself if you have a good knowledge about them. Using them is very easy because they have mechanisms that help in their operation. You can easily open and close them with much ease.

3. Increase warmth in your bedroom

They are good in blocking any cold air from entering your bedroom. In case you are in the cold season this is a great achievement as you will enjoy warmth which is necessary for a good sleep. They ensure more warmth as compared to using other window treatments.

4. They are budget friendly

In buying your blinds in Singapore you can enjoy the friendly price offered on the blind rollers. They are nicely designed and sales at a price that you can appreciate after taking into account how much you achieve in terms of quality.

Cons associated with using bedroom blinds

1.Failure of the mechanisms

Sometimes the mechanisms used in operating the blinds can fail. This can cause you a lot of trouble in operating the window. Without the mechanisms used to operate them they can be very stressful during operation unlike other window treatment methods where they can be operated easily without specialized mechanisms.

2. Destroys aesthetic value of your bedroom

If you really value the historical value of your bedroom then this are unsuitable for you. They are recent innovations in the house decoration industry. Using them will lead your bedroom to possessing new looks which will put doubt to viewers on the historical value of your home.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Blackout Roman Blinds?

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Blackout Roman Blinds?
There are many homes that use roman blinds for covering their windows and also add to the beauty of the room interiors. But apart from these plainly visible benefits there are several other pros and cons of using these blinds in your home. These blinds come in various shapes and sizes; this also gives you greater flexibility in making the right choice about them. You will find about those pros and cons in detail below.

Pros of Blackout Roman Blinds

· Better Appearance
One if the primary use of any blind is to give a better appearance to the onlooker. Blackout roman blinds offer a huge variety in their style from which you can choose. There are different shades of colors which can add flair to the interiors of your room. This available of variety in these types of blinds make them ideal for use in rooms as it gives you plenty of freedom in experimenting with the interior design of your room.

· Privacy
You get complete privacy from the outside when you are sitting inside your room. These blinds are designed in such a way that you can adjust the amount of view that you need. This way you can actually decide whether you want full privacy.

· Blocks Light
These blackout roman blinds are not just normal roman blinds; they contain a special lining in them which blocks the even slightest of the light ray from entering the room. This way you get completely room-darkening feature with these blinds. Therefore when using these blind you can choose whether you want partial light or complete darkness. This feature also stops any shadow being casted to the exterior during the night time when there are no lights outside.

· Several Designs

There are many manufacturers of these blinds and they make different styles of roman blinds from which you can choose. There are cordless blinds which makes you operate them without the use of any cords. There is also a huge variety of options in the fabric from which you can choose.

Cons of Blackout Roman Blinds

· No Partial View

These blackout roman blinds are very effective in blocking the view and light in the room, but there is also a drawback. Like some other types of blinds you don't get the option to have partial view of the outside. Due to the complete length of these blinds they either allow you to have complete access to outside view or no access at all.

· Not Moisture Proof

These roman blinds are not at all moisture proof. They have look of elegance in them, but when used in the places that constantly generate moisture like bathroom or kitchen, the fabric tends to get damaged. In the case of kitchen the odor from the cooked products get trapped in them and therefore giving a very bad smell. The fabric of these blinds also tends to catch the residue of oil and other greasy products in it, when used in kitchen.

Despite its some cons the pros of blackout roman blinds makes it the perfect choice to be used on the windows of your home.

Monday, 6 May 2013

5 Reasons Why Roller Blinds Are So Popular In Singapore?

5 Reasons Why Roller Blinds Are So Popular In Singapore?

Every home is unique and this is enhanced by selections of furnishings. Roller blinds come in a vast range of choices that can suit any home. Your choice of roller blind will become an exciting addition to your wonderful home. These items will help you add glamour to your home in case you are looking for modern window covering.

If you are looking for something special for the living room or kitchen, roller blinds comes in different fabrics from light texture to luxurious suede. This means that there is something for everyone. A good example is lace roller blind which is a great option for your bedroom. These blinds ensure that the outside is well obscure in order to maintain your privacy while at the same time letting in sufficient light to keep your room luminescent. Lace can perfectly match with your bed clothes and linen.

Why roller blinds are so popular in Singapore
a.) Easily maintained and durable
These items are easy to maintain since they are a wipe and clean items. Therefore you can either use a dry or moist cloth to clean the dirt on blinds surface. Regular cleaning of roller blinds will make them look gorgeous for a long time. The cleaning schedule will take a few minutes and this is helpful to people who have busy careers. Roller blinds are durable and you can always count on them to function as good as new.
b.) Wide range of options
There is a huge variety of roller binds available in the market today. These blinds are made of different materials and colors which any home owner would crave for. By having a range of options to choose from allows you to select the color that match with your home décor. Do not settle for any roller bind that is less than your desired choice.
c.) Affordable
Ready made roller blinds are cheaper and can easily be fitted by a handyman. You can also get custom designed roller blinds that can be fitted by experts, but these blinds are slightly expensive. Roller blinds are low costing compared to roman blinds or wooden blinds. You can afford them even with a small budget.
d.) Provide protection
Roller blinds provide a great protection against dangerous UV rays from the sun. They are well designed to allow enough light and air to pass through. These items can also help you to protect your privacy within your house. Roller blinds have slats that can easily be adjusted in order to provide a limited view within your rooms.
e.) Beautiful colors options
You have an option to have roller blinds that are plain or to have colorful and funky blinds that you desire. Your imagination is the only limit you can have when it comes to the designing of your roller blind. This is a cheap and affordable way on how you can express yourself. You can choose a design that will jazz up your apartment or flat. You can also have your designs printed up to your roller blinds and get a specialist to hang it for you.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Is Roller Blinds Suitable For Office?

Is Roller Blinds Suitable For Office In Singapore

Roller blinds in Singapore offices play both the roles of creating privacy and protecting the people inside from sun rays especially in the hot months of April and May. This means that an office using these blinds is provided with the necessary privacy and hence the people inside can work and hold meeting without attracting attention of other people on the outside. It also means that office users are protected from the distracting and irritating sun rays which usually penetrate through the office windows. This is mainly in offices in storied building which are common in the sixty three islands that make up Singapore. As a result the office users are able to work in conducive and serene atmospheres.

An office on any of the Singapore islands is also prone to dust especially during the hot seasons when there is plenty of dust. This dust usually causes discomfort, can cause ailments and also make the offices become dirty. One of the primary channels through which the dust enters the offices is the windows with regular curtains since such curtains are unable to hold or stop the dust. But the offices that use roller blinds are able to minimize the amount of dust that enters the offices and hence reduce the negative effects caused by the dust.

Rollers blinds are also suitable for offices in Singapore because just like most of the other counties in Asia especially Southeastern Asia, most of the Singapore offices are decollated in unique and attractive colors. This means that these offices require even what is used on the window to match or compliment the coloring of the offices. This makes the blinds ideal since they are available in different colors and materials which an office can choose the color that matches or compliment its colors. As a result the offices usually looks neat and organized when the colors on the wall, ceiling, floor and window blinds matches or compliments each other.

The suitability of roller blinds in Singapore offices is enhanced further by the fact that some of the offices usually do not have excessive space and hence requires facilities that occupy minimal space. This means that such offices would prefer all the facilities inside the offices to occupy as little space as possible so as to leave room for people to work and move on. This make the blinds ideal for such offices because one of their outstanding characteristics is that they occupy minimal spaces unlike other components used on the windows and ends up occupying large spaces. Hence a person with a small office which does not have a lot of space should opt for these blinds.

Roller blinds are suitable for Singapore offices because they are designed into a variety of styles some of which creates elegance. This is paramount especially for offices that require creating an impression on the clients who enters the particular office. Such customers will always feel comfortable and see the office as occupied by serious and committed people when they see the blinds being used. This means that the blinds send a message to the clients who sees them and hence can influence them to do business with the company that operates the particular office. Hence, it is evident that roller blinds are suitable for offices in Singapore because of the mentioned reasons.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Choosing Curtains Or Blinds For Your Home?

Choosing Curtains Or Blinds For Your Home?

Keeping the house beautiful is a project that bothers most. This is because, the type of furniture, blinds and curtains used in displays the living style of the individuals residing in it. One of the tough selections for the house owner is buying curtains and blinds. There are various types available in the market, with vibrant designs and colors that dumb folds the individual.

Hence, there is no exact formula to be referred to while meeting the requirements of the rooms in the house. Furthermore, the taste of human beings differs from one another. One person might not like a thing that the other person likes. This is why, it is very important to have all the members of the family to gather together to decide on the type of curtains or blinds to have in the house. Having the right curtain and blind not only beautifies the house, but also adds joy to the members when looked at.

Curtains and blinds
Curtains have always been the popular choice among people of all ages throughout the globe. They are known to give the room an additional décor through their various designs and colors. If matched with the windows and doors and the color of the room, they would provide the perfect décor that would be simply outstanding. While selecting blinds for the home, it should be understood that it provides a versatile look, which offers a better privacy level. Furthermore, the blinds help the individual to enjoy a luxury of additional control. For instance, the individual can determine the amount of light to be let into the home, simply by adjusting the blind lengths.

Selecting the right curtain or blinds for the home
It is very important to select the right type of blinds or curtains for the home as it could simply break or make the interior designs of the room, whether it is in a house, restaurant or an office. They make the look to be more comfortable and sophisticated. An alteration in the blinds or curtains of a window could make a huge difference in the entire atmosphere. Homeowners facing financial constraints can simply get their windows fixed up and change the interiors changed at a lesser cost.

Blinds and curtains, both are considered functional and aesthetic as they retain the privacy of the home and at the same time, improve its interiors. It also tends to keep away the prying eyes and dust. Individuals valuing privacy should prefer curtain shades and are extra thick so that it allows them to shield against outsiders. Family members who have allergies, should prefer vinyl blinds as it could be easily wiped with a clean cloth regularly.

There are plenty of varieties of curtains and blinds available in the market and one can also order them from the different websites and have them door delivered without much hassle or compromising on quality. Some house owners tend to use both blinds and curtains for every window in the home. This simply means that the individual while maintaining privacy can experiment with various design concepts.