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How To Choose The Right Blinds For Your Patio

When you have developed your home and you have your patio ready, you will want to enhance it and make it look even much better. This entails fitting the right accessories and styling that will make it look elegant. Many types of patios are developed with different designs in Singapore. When you find the patio of your choice, it is all about choosing a patio that suits your preference and home design.

Some important features of the patio include the blinds. With the right blinds, you can add some elegance in the room. The blinds also help to make the patio more private. They help to limit the light in the patio. The blinds are very vital, and you will most definitely want to include them in your patio. With the blinds, you can transform the look of your patio perfectly. The type and design that you choose must perfectly match your preference, and it should be suitable for the patio. A wrong choice can make the whole thing look a mess.

So you will want to ensure that you choose wisely. So how do you choose the right blinds for your patio? Here is how you can make it happen;

• Choose based on the style

There are different styles of blinds that you will need to choose for your patio. The style and design should be suitable enough. Some of the common types of blinds include the bamboo or wooden blinds, and the aluminum Venetian.

The wooden blinds are the most common options that will give you an attractive look. The natural aesthetic aspect of the wooden blinds is what makes them a top choice. They tend to complement most of the décor, including the patio. They can go well with a bold and natural setting. The wooden blinds will also control the light effectively. The slatted Venetian style is the most stylish and perfect for the light control. If you have a smaller window on the patio, you might want to choose one that fits perfectly. Some wooden blinds have been designed to resist draught when it is too cold.

Conversely, the Aluminium Venetian blinds will mostly be used on the doors. So if your patio has a door, these might be the best blind options. With these types, you will easily know who is at the door, without having to ask. The slats will offer more privacy inside, and you can see who is outside. The vertical blinds will go well if you have the sliding patio doors. They will open and close in the direction of the doors.

• Door or window blinds?

A patio can be designed with or without doors. Most of the patios in Singapore will have some windows and a door. So when you are choosing the right blinds, you will need to choose the blinds that will fit your door or windows as you wish. If you only need blinds for the windows, ensure that they are designed to be fitted to the window. For the door, choose one that is long enough and specifically meant for the door. A door will constantly be opened and closed, so the blinds installed there must be strong enough.

• Based on the theme of the patio

What is the patio’s theme? Is it too dark? What are the types of lightings installed? The theme of the patio must go along with the blinds that you install. Even though it is all about getting what is right for your windows and doors, you might want to consider the theme of the patio. Do the blinds match the style and theme of the patio? You might want to ask for professional help when you need the perfect blinds.

• Usability/Versatility

You must ensure that the blinds that you install in your patio can still allow you to operate freely. If they are installed on the door, they must allow you to access the patio without any difficulty. If the blinds interfere with your patio, then there might not be a need for using them. Even for the door blinds, they should allow you to open and close the door without any interference.

• The size of the windows/doors

When you are finding the blinds for your door or window, you will first off need to know the size of your doors and windows. Choosing the blinds that are of the perfect fit will keep the doors and windows looking elegant. If the blinds are too small, there might not be enough privacy in the room. When it is too large, it might make the window or door look awkward. Also, it might affect the operation of the door. So ensure that you choose the blinds that are of the right size. When you are taking the measurements, ensure that you measure every important aspect. The handles and each other aspect must be taken into consideration.

• Based on the color

If you already have an existing décor on your patio, you will want to ensure that you choose the color wisely. The color of the blinds must not clash with that of the patio’s décor. Since the blinds are just additionals in they must match the existing color theme of the patio. Some blinds will come in bright colors, which allows you to choose as it suits your patio. As you choose the color of the blind, ensure that they are not too dark to affect the lighting of the patio.

• Based on the light control

Choosing the right blinds must also include considering the light control. Do the blinds allow the light to flow freely inside the patio? Do you need a low light intensity? Ensure that you choose one that can easily control the flow of light inside the patio. If you need more light, ensure that you choose the blinds it as you wish.

In general, ensure that your patio has the perfect blinds that will boost the overall look and feel of the patio. Most of the patios will be designed for relaxation and holding some private meetings. For that, as you choose your blinds, ensure that they will serve you as you prefer.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

6 Best Venetian Blinds Colour To Choose For Home

Venetian blinds are beautiful. People in Singapore love installing these blinds. The names of these blinds have been derived from the name of the city Venice. This is a city of Italy. These types of blinds were used in plenty in that city. The name Venetian is used for the timber blinds. It is known to everyone that the each slat is placed on another to frame the blinds. The slats hung with the help of a tape or cord. During operation of the blinds, the slats are rotated by 180 degrees. These blinds take the credit of being the only types to allow proper ventilation in the room. It also allows clear passage of light into your home. 

Different materials to consider
Various materials can be used to manufacture these blinds. PVC, timber and metal are some of the commonly used materials for blinds. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Timber is the most preferred material among all as it is pretty lightweight in nature and in doesn’t change with temperature. PVC is economical but it is quite heavier than timber. The problems with the metal slats are that these get easily distorted. 

Why colours matter so much for the blinds

The relevance of colours is myriad. First of all, different colours produce different lighting effects in your room. Apart from that the colour of your room must match the colour of your blinds. If you have installed bulbs of certain colours in your room, then you may have to be specific about the colours of the blinds. This article works as a guide for you to choose different colours and their significance. Here are six Venetian blinds colours to choose for home.

1. Black- The universal colour for blinds
Black is a colour which can absorb all the colours. Apart from that black is suitable for all environments. It can go with any other colours. Irrespective of the theme of your room, black is a universal colour. If you are not using tapes with your blinds, your home environment turns into an industrial environment.
Some advantages come with some disadvantages. The elegance of black colour sometimes makes your room environment pretty mature. Some people don’t like black because of this reason.  

2. White- The decent the colour ever
White is a popular colour. People like this colour because it adds an aesthetic sense to your room. Apart from the aesthetics, the colour has high traditional value. Even if your room has poor lighting pattern, white colour will help in reflecting light to all the corners of your room. Some people believe that people use this colour if they are biased. Sometimes this is true and sometimes this is false also.
The most disadvantageous side of the white colour is that this colour absorbs dust easily. It becomes pale easily. It means you will have to take care of the white slats more often than any other slats. 
The beauty of white colour undermines the maintenance part.

3. Grey- The colour of wisdom
Some people think that if you are considering grey, then you are compromising between black and white colours. Some people also think that this is a dull colour. Some others think that this is a colour of wisdom. When you wish to free yourself from the chaotic world, you should prefer grey as the colour of your slats. It pacifies you when you are in a disturbed mood. 
Apart from all these negativities, the colour has long lasting lustre. It is pretty classical.

4. Dark brown- Hot chocolate colour
You can choose dark brown as the colour of your blinds if you are a hot chocolate lover. The most colourful aspect of the colour is that it matches with the interior of your room. Most of the homes use wood for constructing their interiors. Dark brown goes well with the colour and texture of the interior design. You can create a colour mix for your blinds. You can keep the colour of the slats white and the colour of the straps as dark brown. Most of the people use this combination for their blinds. If you are using dark brown slats without tapes, you are going to get an expensive look. Light falling on the slats gives an elegant look to worth look at. 

5. Champagne- The colour of joy
The colour champagne looks appealing to the eye when you choose this colour for your blinds. This colour is preferred at places like bathroom and study room as this is the colour of joy. You can also consider combination colours for this colour. You can keep the colours of the tapes as champagne colour and the colour of the slats as white. There are other combination colours which you can consider also as per your choice. You can also consider this colour for your living room and bedroom although people don’t use this colour in those places much. 

6. Green- The eco-friendly colour
Green is the symbol of safety. There is nothing wrong in choosing the colour for your blinds. Generally elder people prefer more decent colours like white and grey instead of green. If you have children in your, you can consider this colour as they love green. Green is good to your eye. It also reflects light in a good way. It means this colour can also improve the scattering of light in a better way.

Some other colours to consider
Apart from all these colours that people generally consider, there are also other colours which you can consider for your blinds. You can also have colourless tapes. You can choose red as the colour of the tapes. Red matches the colour of lipsticks. This colour can fill you with the feeling of romance. Apart from red, you can consider colourless tapes for your Venetian blinds. You can choose different colours out of different colours for the slats of your blinds.  
Some other designs of the blinds include thick tapes. You can also mull over the colour combinations while instaling these types of blinds. These types of blinds are in the trends these days in Singapore.  

Thursday, 1 October 2015

6 Useful Roller Blinds Cleaning Tips

Roller blinds are elegant window coverings that have been known to work with almost all decor types. As such roller blinds are extensively used and are preferred by many people for their durability, ease of use and flexibility. As part of their care, roller blinds needs to be cleaned every once in a while to get rid of all physical dirt and dust that may settle on them.

If you have some roller blinds in your home, then you must be aware that you have to be careful when cleaning the blind to ensure that you do not compromise their quality during the cleaning process. To be on the safe side you need to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully even before you can think about cleaning your blinds. Below are six roller blinds cleaning tips that you can follow to make cleaning your roller blinds much easier and ensure that your roller blinds stay in mint condition and serve you well for a longer duration.

1. Vacuum your blinds to get rid of surface dirt

This is a simple tip that will help in getting rid of most of the dirt on the surface of the blind. For those stubborn dirt particles, use the brush attached vacuum to dislodge the dirt and then go ahead with your vacuuming. You can vacuum your blinds frequently to prevent dirt build-up and eliminate the need for frequent deep cleaning.

2. If you want to do some deep cleaning carefully remove the blinds from the rollers

A thorough roller blinds cleaning is recommended whenever your blinds get excessively dirty. If you notice that your blinds are looking dull with visible dirt and stains on them, then it is time to give them a through clean. In order to clean them, you need to remove them from the rollers not just to make your work easier but also to ensure that you give every corner of the blind enough attention and get rid of all accumulated dirt and dust.

3. Use a solution of warm water and some mild soap to clean your blinds at least once every year

A solution of warm water and soap will work magic on your dull blinds. Off course this does not apply to all blinds as some should never come into contact with water. In the case of such blinds soaking them in water will only ruin them. These blinds should simply blotch with a damp piece of cloth to get rid of any obvious stains. You can also scrub off some dirt using corn flour and use some towel or some soft cloth to get remove the flour particles once you are done cleaning.
For blinds that can be cleaned with water, fill half your tab with warm water. Warm water is recommended as it helps in loosening the dirt without affecting the blinds. Hot water on the other hand will either lead to shrinkage or melt any glue that has been used to join the blinds. Hot water should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Add some cleaning detergent into the warm water but ensure that the detergent is mild and will in no way compromise the quality of your blinds. You should then lay your blinds gently on the tub and leave them to soak for a few hours. If your blinds are longer than the tub, simply fold and layer them but do so carefully to ensure that the blind do not crease. |

After soaking the blinds, use some soft cloth to get rid of any dirt on the surface of the blind. The dirt will have loosened by now and all you have to do is to gently rub on the surface and the dirt will come off. If you have any stubborn stains on your blinds, use an old toothbrush and gently scrub the stained area. A little scrubbing with the help of the warm water and some mild detergent will work for most stains. Resist the urge to vigorously scrub the blind in a bid to remove stains as this will only ruin your blinds.

4. Add some bleach to your cleaning water to brighten your blinds

Some little bleach helps in brightening your blinds. For white blinds, use the normal bleach to get rid of any tint and stubborn stains. For coloured blinds, you can use some colour-safe bleach that will be effective in brightening them without compromising their quality in any way.

5. Rinse off the soap residue after cleaning your blinds

After cleaning your blinds in a solution of warm water and some detergent, you need to rinse the blinds properly and get rid of all soap residues. This is particularly important because any soap residue left on the blinds will only act as a dirt magnet and you will be forced to clean the blinds more often. This will wear your blinds much faster not to mention the fact that this can be tiring and time consuming.

To adequately rinse your blinds, simply drain the water you had used to soak and clean the blinds and fill your tub with some clean water. You can repeat this procedure until there is no soap left on the blinds and the rinsing water is clear.

6.Hang the blinds to dry before putting them back on your windows

Once you are done with cleaning and your blinds are sparkling, you have to let them dry before you can put them back on your windows. Hanging your blinds out to dry when it is sunny will shorten the drying duration and ensure that they do not get creased as the dry. If the weather does not allow you can dry your blinds indoor but take care while hanging your blinds and ensure that no creases are formed during the drying period. This can be achieved by hanging them on a rack or anywhere else where the blinds will not fold

These tips have been proven to work where roller blinds cleaning is concerned. Make use of the ones that work for you and enjoy getting all the dirt and grime off your blinds. You can also get a reliable cleaning company to do the work on your behalf and bring that brand new look on your blinds back.

Monday, 8 June 2015

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Waterproof Outdoor Blinds

 If you live in Singapore, you can find many waterproof outdoor blinds that are available today. These blinds are very useful to improve the look and appearance of your property easily. These outdoor blinds are made from high quality and waterproof materials, in order to be resistant against water. Therefore, they are able to last for a long time with very minimum maintenance procedure. This article is going to help you install the best outdoor blinds that are suitable for your property. Here are some common mistakes that you have to avoid, so you are able to find the best outdoor blinds that are made from waterproof materials.

1. Not choosing the right material carefully

There are several types of products that are available on the market now. It means that you have to compare some available waterproof materials that are available today. When you compare some available products, you need to take a look at their benefits, features, and many other advantages for all users. It is highly recommended for you to choose the best material that can last for a long time with minimum maintenance procedure. There are some recommended waterproof materials that you can use now, including polyester, aluminum, PVC, and some other popular products. Those products are very well-known among many users because they are able to last for a long time.

2. Only focus on the price
This is another common mistake that you should avoid today. You should never take a look at the price only. It is true that you can find any affordable waterproof blinds on the market easily. However, not all of these cheap blinds are made from high quality materials. You have to compare some available products, so you can take a look at their features. You also need to consider some other important factors, such as product quality, color, maintenance procedure, and many other details. By looking at all available details, you should be able to install the best waterproof blinds for yourself easily.

3. Not measuring your blinds correctly
Many people don't measure their favorite blinds before they start installing them in their properties. This is another common mistake that can bring you to many other issues in the future. It is highly recommended for you to measure your blinds correctly, so you are able to get a lot of benefits from your blinds. These waterproof blinds should cover all of your windows and doors completely, in order to provide maximum benefits and protection function easily. You can use regular measurement tape for finding the right size for your blinds accurately. When it is necessary, you can also hire some professional installers who know how to measure the right blind size for your property.

4. Not checking all available colors

If you want to find the best blinds for your property, you should never do this mistake. It is recommended for you to compare some available waterproof blinds, in order to check out their designs and styles. Some of them can provide high quality and attractive design for attracting many users these days. You can consult with your professional interior designers, especially when you want to find the best style and design for your blinds now. There are some waterproof outdoor blinds that come with some beautiful colors, such as blue, red, pink, green, grey, and some other popular colors. Bright colors are very useful to improve the overall look of your property.


5. Not asking about the warranty

This is another common mistake that you should avoid, especially if you want to choose the best waterproof blinds for yourself. Most blinds are usually protected by their money back guarantee for certain period of time. You need to contact some blind manufacturers, in order to compare their warranty policies. When you ask about this warranty policy, you are able to get a lot of benefits from this warranty. You also need to ask about the warranty period, in order to avoid getting any significant problems in the future. When you know all details about your warranty, you should be able to get all benefits from your waterproof blinds today.

6. Don't consider the transparency level
Not many people realize that they do this mistake regularly. Most people don't take a look at the transparency level when they compare some available outdoor blinds. You need to understand that this transparency level can be an important factor, especially if you want to select the best blinds for yourself. If you want to improve the privacy protection level in your property, you may want to choose the best blinds with low transparency level. Dark blinds are suitable for you who want to give enough protection inside your property, such as home, apartment, and also office building. Different blinds may have their own transparency levels, so you have to compare some of them accurately.

7. Installing the blinds alone
When you want to install the best blinds for your property, you need to avoid this simple mistake today. If you don't have enough knowledge and skills in installing the best blinds for your property, you need to hire the best installation service company today. There are some professional blind installers that are available in Singapore today. You need to contact some of them to ask about their available options and services. Some of them are ready to install any types of waterproof outdoor blinds quickly. You can save a lot of money and time when you hire the best blind installation service company in Singapore these days.

Installing high quality outdoor blinds for your property can help you improve the overall value of your property. There are some high quality waterproof blinds that are available on the market now. These waterproof blinds are made from high quality products that are able to last for a long time. You should be able to take a look at all available blinds before you select the best items for yourself. Don't forget to compare their features or benefits carefully, in order to help you find your favorite waterproof outdoor blinds easily.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Roller Blinds For Balcony

Roller blinds are important because they add a sense of privacy and seclusion in homes and offices. They also act as a barrier against hot and direct sunlight that usually penetrates through your window. This in turn creates a cooling effect in your home. It is therefore not a new thing to hear many interior designers recommending roller blinds to their clients. Luckily enough, there are many types of roller blinds available in Singapore and you can choose the type that meets your taste. However, the unfortunate thing is that not everyone has absolute knowledge on how to choose and install blinds, which usually leads to a lot of mistakes.

Here are seven common mistakes that you should avoid when installing blinds for balcony.

1. Estimating the size of your windows
Many people make this mistake when they go out shopping for their favorite roller blinds. It is very important that you have the exact measurements of your window and not rough estimates. Doing this might lead to wrong measurements which in turn cam make it hard to install the blinds. You can avoid this mistake by using a tape measure and taking exact measurements for your windows. You should take the design of your window into consideration. When measuring, don’t get tired of measuring each window. There are chances that your windows have different sizes and you should therefore take all measurements separately. Lastly, ensure you write down the measurements and keep the list in a safe place to avoid misplacement.

2. Mismatching rollers colors with your interior designs

One of the many benefits of blind rollers is the fact that they improve the overall look of your home. You should therefore be color conscious when purchasing your blinds. Consider colors that can match well with your other upholstery. This will help to significantly improve your overall interior design. In case you can’t settle for the best matching colors, you can seek advice from your interior designer. Many upholstery shops have variety of high quality roller blinds that come with different colors, which makes it easier for you to shop.

3. Failing to seek professional advice

It is always good to have confidence in you, however, other times it is important to humble yourself and seek expert advice from a professional, especially when it comes to interior design. When installing balcony blinds, spare some time to seek professional advice from your interior designer. Due to their vast knowledge in the field, they will be able to answer any questions you may have on balcony roller blinds. They also have ample knowledge on some of the best quality roller blinds in the market today and will be willing to share this information with you. Discussing your needs and expectations with an expert will make your blinds shopping experience easier and enjoyable.

4. Lack to hire professionals for installation

Many people overlook the need to hire professional blinds installers. Blinds are meant to offer a sense of privacy as well as portray an aura of professionalism, something that you can barely achieve if you ignore the importance of using professionals. It might look easy at first, but the truth is that installing balcony blinds for your home or office isn’t an easy task. Hiring an amateur might not only damage the blinds, but also fail to achieve your intended expectations. A good blinds selling company will offer professional installation services that you should take advantage of. You can even have a professional work with you when you get home. In addition, you can learn about the company’s reputation by checking online customer reviews, or seeking advice from friends and family who have used their services. 

5. Focusing on low price products

It is good to go for what you can afford, but sometimes low quality balcony blinds might cause you to incur extra costs than you hadn’t planned for. If you buy blinds too cheap compared to the other items in the room, it will look awkward and something will always feel amiss. Cheap blinds are also likely to be of low quality meaning they will wear and tear sooner than you expect. Imagine a situation whereby they get spoiled during installation; you will be required to buy other balcony blinds. You don’t have to go for expensive blinds that will put a strain on your pocket. However, ensure you are quality oriented as opposed to being price driven.

6. Choosing wrong sets and materials

There are different types of blinds that can match and fit different types of windows. For instance, larger windows will look good with vertical blinds, while smaller windows require horizontal ones. It is therefore necessary to differentiate the sizes of your windows before buying the blinds. Another important thing that can’t be ignored when choosing a balcony blind set is the durability and the ability of the blinds to persevere harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and hot sun. Some of the most suitable materials for balcony blinds include PVC, aluminum and other strong fabrics. If you have the ability, you might consider purchasing extra blinds for different weather conditions.

7. Failing to follow the right installation process

Installing blinds on your own instead of calling a professional will no doubt save you money. However, it can also cost you more than you expected in terms of repairs and maintenance in case you do a bad job. It doesn’t make sense to own high quality, upholstery matching balcony blinds if you cannot install them properly. To avoid the unfavorable consequences associated with wrong blinds installation, ensure you follow the provided installation instructions. Prior to the installation process, read through the instructions to see if there is any step that you might have a hard time following, in which case you should seek assistance from a professional. If you have the know-how but you don’t feel confident enough to do the installation, take advantage of the many blind installation videos available online. Seeking the assistance of a professional will however minimize the worries of installation.

Do not take chances when buying and installing your balcony blinds. There are many benefits of using blinds in your office/home and you should therefore ensure everything is done perfectly.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

What Are The Best Kept Secrets About Choosing Roller Blinds

Roller blinds not only help you in the prevention of sunlight, but it helps you in enhancement of your home looks as well. Other than this, it can give many other benefits as well to people as long as they choose the right kind of roller blinds for their home. However many people fail in it because experts prefer to protect the ways of selecting rollers blinds in wise manner. In case you are going to change or install roller blinds in your home and you wish to know what Are the Best Kept Secrets about Choosing Roller Blinds, then I am going to share some tips with you in this article below.

Multiple options are there:

Many experts know that a lot of options are available for roller blinds and one can choose according to their choice or requirement. But the most annoying problem in this situation is that they don’t want you to know about it and that’s why they keep it as a secret. They want you to stay in assumption that only few of the roller blinds are available in the market for all the people and only experts can get all the extra ordinary blinds. However, this is not fact because if you will do some research on it then you can easily find all type of roller blinds in multiple materials and then you can choose one acceding to your needs or requirement.

Choose material according to space:
As I already shared roller blinds can be made of so many different material and you need to choose one according to your requirement and space. If you want to use it at a place where you wish to get only privacy, but you don’t have any reason to worry about the sun light o rain then you can use cotton roller blinds at that place. At the other hand if you are using it at a place such as next to your exterior window then you will need to make sure it can withstand the weather as well. Hence you will need to choose a material according to your space. However, experts will always try to keep this secret from you and most of the time they never share this roller blinds selection secret with you.

Privacy is important:
Experts always know that along with protection from sunlight, privacy is also important and roller blinds should that work for you. Though they never share this secret with you and because of that lack of knowledge you get roller blinds that offer protection but no privacy. Here, I must share this secret with you that you when you choose it for your home then think about the privacy as well along with protection or sunlight control. Also, experts will never tell this secret to you that some specific roller blinds are easily available in market that can allow the light to enter into your house, but no one can peep into your home with that. So, if you want to have some light in your room, then you can choose this kind of.

Check the functioning of window:
Not checking the functioning of window or door is a big mistake that many people make while choosing the roller blinds. Experts also keep this as their secret about selection of roller blinds and because of that people end up having useless blinds for their doors or windows. You need to understand that if your roller blinds will stuck in windows then it will create so many complications in the operation of the blinds. So, it is a good idea that you understand this secret, and check the functioning of windows or door before choosing the blinds for your

Your style makes it good looking:
This is one more thing that experts always keep protected from your. Although they claim that you need to follow international styles and guidelines to get better look in your home with your roller blinds. However, they will never share this secret with you that if you will not add your own style it then it will not give the best look to your home. Hence, it is strongly recommend that when choose roller blinds for your home, then you add your personalized style in it. Also, many people do not know this secret that you can get so many different styled blinds easily in marker. That means if you have any specific requirement for same then you can have that kind of blinds as well and you can have great and most amazing result with that also in a very easy manner.

Proper sizing is very much essential:This should not be a secret, but people do not know this also and they should automatically choose only the right sized roller blinds for their windows or doors. But experts prefer to keep that also as a big secret and that’s why people either buy over sized blinds or they but undersized blinds. When they do this then they find a lot of difficulties to configure or install it in a proper manner and as a result of that they do not get proper look and comfort with it. Other than this it affect the look of the house as well in a negative manner which is not a good thing in any situation. So, if you are planning to have roller blinds in your home, then make sure you pay attention on the size as well and you chose properly sized blinds.

In addition to all these things it is also a less known fact that you have to follow special process to install the blinds. So, if you can do that by yourself in a confident manner then only go ahead for this else contact some expert who can do the installation and configuration of your roller blinds in your home according to your choice. And when you will follow these tips and less known secrets then you will surely get the best outcome from the installation of your roller blinds.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

8 Awesome Facts On Roller Blinds

A roller blind is simply considered as a type of a window blind. It is usually characterized by a piece of fabric that is attached to an aluminum rolled tube. This is finalized with a chain pulley system which allows the fabric to roll up down.

Roller blinds are seen to be very common in Singapore. There are even people who suggest that the idea of roller blinds must have originated from there. Singapore is recognized as a modern city state and has some the best items that can help improve your home and office. Roller blinds are just some the things you will from the popular sellers and contractors.

Singapore residents experience a good weather all year round compared to many other parts of the world. They only experience hot and humid conditions all year round. Their climate has largely contributed to the adoption of the roller blinds. Roller blinds are considered to be perfect for hot and humid weather conditions because they give ultimate control in light, heat and shade.

General Facts Concerning Roller Blinds 
Roller blinds from Singapore usually create a stress free way of dressing one’s windows. They usually tend to be very stylish and come in variety of colors and materials. This allows one to choose from a great variety which is good because you can express your own personal style. Again, roller blinds can either be single or double. The double roller blinds are used mainly for the purpose of screening. Double roller blinds can also be used to add style and design.

Singapore people are said often termed as simple people. That is why roller blinds that originate from there are quite simple in design. They are quite easy to install and maintain. Most blinds are crafted from horizontal overlapping materials. This allows room for easy adjustment and quickly reduces the amount of light coming in to one’s home.

Wooden roller blinds are very common in Singapore. Wooden blinds are often considered to be the best since they have a natural look that coordinates well with any interior décor. The wooden roller blind normally gives your room a very contemporary look. The metal roller blinds are something that was quite rare in Singapore, but seems to be a trend that is picking up. Metal roller blinds are considered to be long lasting since they are made out from a long lasting material.

General Factors to Consider When Installing a Blind
Size is the first thing that one needs to have in mind when it comes to installing a blind. You need to measure your window properly before installing a blind. This ensures that you get to install just the right size. Material of drape is another important factor that needs to be considered before installing a roller blind. Is the material opaque or translucent? Cotton is usually a good material to use in areas like the living and bedroom. Do you want a manual or an automatic roller blind? An automatic roller usually creates a feel of modernity. On the hand, manual blinds are quite easy to install and maintain.

8 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About the Roller Blinds
1. Venetian Roller Blinds
Many people think that the Venetian roller blinds were invented by the Venetians as the name suggests. However, this is far from true. The blinds were invented by Persians and the Venetian merchants got a hold of them from the European market. These blinds were extremely popular in Europe during the 16th and 15th century.

2. Evidence Surrounding Use of Roller Blinds By Ancient Egyptians
There has been concrete evidence surrounding the use of roller blinds by the Ancient Egyptians. There roller blinds were made out of reeds that were tied together and later used in opening for the purpose of privacy.

3. Draperies
A drapery is defined as a piece of clothing that tends to hang loosely on folds. Draperies are mainly used when making roller blinds. History marks that they became quite popular during the 19th century. This is a period when textiles were seen to be readily available.

4. During Early Times a Roller Blind Was a Thing for the Wealthy’
Back then roller blinds were mainly made out of textile which was not readily available. As a result only rich families could afford to use blinds. However, today these blinds are quite affordable and can be used by anyone.

5. John Hampson
John Hampson who has his origins from America was said to be the first to create the idea of a tilt roller blind. In 1841, he was granted with the patent used as a tilt mechanism in blinds. Nearly all blinds that operate today operate using this tilt mechanism.

6. Earliest form of Draperies
The earliest form of a drapery was created from an animal hide. These animal hides would be hanged in openings to maintain privacy. People who lived in very warm areas could soak the hide in water and allow the wind to b low through it. This created an air conditioning effect.

7. Roller Blinds and Draperies Used By Famous Artists
The art of roller blinds and draperies have been used by a number of famous artists. Some of them include the piece by Lorenzo Lotto Young Man against a White Curtain’ and Edmund C. Trabell The Venetian Blind.’

8. Most Common Mistake
The most common mistake that 90 percent of people make when it comes to purchasing a blind is failing to measure the window size. Just because a blind appears to be stylish does not mean it will perfectly fit in to your window.

In any given scenario, a roller blind is considered to be the best. This is because it takes up less space while at the same time provides the right amount of light in to your room. It is also cost effective and quite easy to clean and maintain. If are you thinking of getting a blind that will perfectly meet your needs; then you need to go for roller blinds. You can further spice up things by purchasing roller blinds, which have a twist of elegancy in them. Roller blinds will make your office or your home look beautiful and welcoming to your visitors.